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Typing is one of those areas that is rarely supported in a modern business as many expect all staff to take care of their own typing. With most people having access to a computer it is common for everyone to do their own typing. However, not everyone is an expert typist and many people find it a task that eats away at their time preventing them from getting on with the work that they really should be doing and adding value to the business. But few businesses have the budget to allow for a person that can do typing and other admin duties and may also not have a constant enough demand. Often staff will only want to outsource their typing when there is a particularly heavy workload that needs to be done. Our professional typing services online, however, can provide you with all of the help that you need as and when you require it.

We offer typing from hand written notes as our typing example shows and can also provide you with transcription services for recorded notes. Our services offer some of the highest levels of accuracy that you will find online no matter how poor the handwriting of the notes as our example type demonstrates. Our staff is equipped with the necessary equipment and software that is required to enable them to do their work efficiently whether typing from notes of transcribing.

Handwriting to Text Typing Sample

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Our typing example demonstrates the levels of accuracy that we are able to achieve. We use only highly skilled and proven typists that are also qualified within the areas in which they work so that they understand what they are working on. They are able to work with your notes that you provide to provide you with accurate typing in the specific format and software that you require. All work is done to your requirements and is always completed to your full satisfaction. If you feel that any changes may be required then our experts will make an unlimited number of revisions to your typing until you are totally satisfied with the results.

With our large number of proven typists to call on we are able to provide you with subject qualified staff as well as handling issues such as heavy accents on recordings for transcription. We do not use highly ineffective voice recognition software, nor do we use text recognition software as shortcuts to provide your help. These software packages rarely turn out good results without significant amounts of training to your handwriting or speech. All of our typing is through skilled and proven typists only.


Get the Advantages of Our Typing Services

By using us you immediately get access to some of the best typists that you will find online that can provide you with a quality as good as our example type. Our services are totally flexible allowing us to provide you with support as and when you really need it either as ongoing support or for specific tasks. All work provided is checked for accuracy and proofread as well as being formatted as you require it. Our benefits are:

  • Real experts in writing, editing and transcribing
  • Timely delivery
  • Non-plagiarized content
  • No hidden charges
  • Money-back guarantee
  • And more!

If you need typing support able to match the quality of our typing sample just contact our professional services today!